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PostWar Album (2019)

The year 2020 marks the 25th anniversary of the end of the siege of Sarajevo. War photographer Gervasio Sánchez's pictures portray a shattered generation who survived in the battle ravaged city of Sarajevo as young children.
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Brain Beats

Music was our first language, pre speech, it is universally common to all of us. There’s something deep inside us that engages with notes, not words… But how does music affect the brain? Over the last 5 years, research on music and neuroscience has exploded.
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The Gaudí Code

"The Gaudí Code" is a documentary that explores the secrets of the famous church, the Sagrada Familia, and its creator, using the keys of detective films: by searching for clues and evidence and deciphering the code of the “suspect” or “perpetrator”, Antoni Gaudí.
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The Last Three Refugies

She is alone in her refuge in a corner of the world. Self sustaining, she realizes that their ressources are running out. The Earth is devastated, the civilisation finished. She decides to look for shelters, with the confidence of finding someone alive. She finds him: Eva and Adam definitely expelled from paradise. And without God.
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Why?! An Endemic Crisis

In Spain, the crisis started in 2007. Since then different stages have passed from a financial crisis to an economical crisis, finally getting to an occupational and social crisis. The documentary explains how the crisis in Spain converted into a mayor political crisis.
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Offer Flowers to the Rebels

BACK TO PROJECTS Offer Flowers to the Rebels Hippies or visionaries? More than 30 years ago in a small town in the Catalan mountain installed a motley crew to farm
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